Human remains found in trash bags

January 29, 2008 4:34:57 PM PST
Investigators have found garbage bags filled with body parts off the shoulders off major highways in the Poconos. The victim is described as a light skinned female, but no other details have been released.

"I, my county detective and first assistant did stop along the highway scene and did observe the state police retrieve the head of an adult female," said Dave Christie, Monroe County District Attorney.

Officials from the Monroe County District Attorney's Office and Pennsylvania State Police spent the day scouring an area in the Poconos that centers where I-80 meets I-380. Action News was there as investigators found one of the eight garbage bags filled with body parts.

The investigation started this morning when PennDOT crews doing some clean-up work along the northbound side of I-380 found the first of the garbage bags.

At this point, authorities believe the remains are that of a single person, but they have just started their investigation.

"We're not comfortable that we found all the pieces. We did a pretty thorough search of Interstate 380, but again could something have been dumped over the side? At this point, certainly," said Lt. Robert Bartel.

An autopsy will be performed on Wednesday.