Auto show preps in high gear

January 30, 2008 4:07:30 PM PST
The city is gearing up for the annual Philadelphia Auto Show.

Mayor Michael Nutter drove the first car into the Pennsylvania Convention Center, but crews still have lots of work to do before the crowds arrive.

"One-point-seven million people have enjoyed the auto show since its inception in 2000," said Nutter.

Crews are expecting about 300,000 visitors to attend this year's show between February 2nd and February 10th.

"We like to say the auto show has something for everybody and this year we're proud to host more than 700 vehicles from 40 different manufacturers," said Scott Lustgarten, chairman of the auto show.

This year, the first vehicle to arrive at the convention center was a brand-new Honda Civic Hybrid. Not only was this car made in the United States, but it's also a sign of the times.

As Philadelphia moves into the future, so will its fleet of government vehicles.

"New vehicles coming to Philadelphia with new technology to upgrade and promote hybrid and other types of uses to get us away from our dependence on oil," said Nutter.

Be sure to join Karen Rogers and Adam Joseph for the Black Tie Tailgate and an inside look at the auto show this Friday night at 8:00 on 6abc.