Candidates and the war in Iraq

January 30, 2008 4:08:30 PM PST
Action News is taking a look at the candidates and their stances on the war in Iraq.Five years ago this March, the U.S. Entered Iraq.

Currently there are about 160-thousand American boots on the ground there, with the casualty count up to almost four thousand.

There is a fierce debate in this country about the war and whether we should stay or go.

Here's where the candidates stand.


The republican candidates all support the invasion of Iraq and President Bush's decision to increase troop levels.

John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are all against a set withdrawal date for troops and support a longer military commitment to the country if necessary.


Hillary Clinton supported the war at its start while Barack Obama opposed it, but both now say it was a mistake and disagree with the president's decision to increase troop levels.

Obama would bring out a brigade or two a month, with the end goal of having most troops out of Iraq by April of 2009. He would leave a small force in Iraq to fight terrorism and redeploy some troops to standby positions in countries like Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton would also leave a small protective force in Iraq. She'd start pulling troops out within two months of taking office, with an end goal of most troops out of the country by 2013. .

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