Types of meteorology degrees

February 2, 2008 6:02:10 AM PST
No, there are different types of programs that people can take in order to become a meteorologist.

Erica's Answer:

Many on-air broadcast meteorologists have degrees in some form of broadcast journalism or communications. If a broadcast journalist decides to become a meteorologist, he or she doesn't have to stop working in order to pursue this new career path!

Just as many adult businesspeople go to night school to earn their MBA, some broadcast journalists also take supplemental coursework in order to become meteorologists. In general, this is a program designed to be finished in 2 years. By far, the most popular program is offered by Mississippi State University.

Some of the meteorologists you see on TV, however, earned a 4-year degree in Meteorology as collegiate undergrads. Most meteorologists with a 4-year degree have little or no journalism or communications background.

Some universities, such as Florida State, offer Broadcast Meteorology as a course option. Their students study the science of the atmosphere, and at the same time, they learn how to communicate this information on television!

- Erica