Valentines, and you live on the net

February 13, 2008 8:57:48 PM PST
Valentine's Day is famous for flowers and candy, but it's also a big day for popping the big question. That's exactly what Jerry did to his girlfriend of five years, Katie.

He was the winner of online contest for the most unique marriage proposal. This week Jerry was unveiled as the winner and his clip was featured on YouTube and Thousands kept their fingers crossed Katie would agree to take Jerry's hand in marriage. As most had hoped, she said yes.

Sweets for your Sweetie

If you'd prefer to leave public declarations of love up to Jerry but would still like to make Valentines' Day special. is a one-stop shop for the ultimate procrastinator. The site offers ideas for going out or staying in with your sweetie.

You, LIVE!

If you've been waiting to make your debut on the World Wide Web, wait no longer. has just launched. It's a forum allowing users to stream themselves live for free! Simply create an account, plug in your Web-cam and go live.

Kicking the Habit

The Pennsylvania Department of Health's recently launched site allows users to upload and access video blogs as a means of support to stop smoking.

The site also uses other forms of modern technology to help smokers quit. For example there is a progress chart where you log your smoking habits according to day and hour. That way you can see patterns and pinpoint which points of the day you are more susceptible to giving in. After you determine a pattern, you can have text messages sent to your phone at times you are most likely to smoke.

Friends and family join the site to offer support. The website also offers non-biased information on other stop smoking aides like the patch. The site is still new so it will continue to develop its tools.