IMphilly - February 23rd

March 24, 2008 10:58:01 AM PDT
They created a booming social website, but now the teen co-founder of Catherine Cook has an internet warning no teen should miss! Then, think you're too young to start a business? We found a fourteen year old who did it! And we talk to some kids that are studying business in high school!?! Plus - we feature four cool kids in our "teen talk back" session in studio! So make sure you catch Rick Williams and the crew on our new teen show IMphilly. Saturday night at 7:00 pm on channel 6ABC, and streaming right here on this webpage at the same time. Check us out!TIPS FOR STAYING SAFE ONLINE

Staying safe online:

On IMPhilly, Catherine Cook, co-founder of the incredibly popular social networking site MYYEARBOOK.COM gave some great advice on how teens can stay safe online while having fun on their favorite social networking sites. Her advice includes ?

1) Do NOT post any personal contact information on your profiles. That means, don't give out a phone number, and address or even a personal e-mail address.

2) Don't post your daily schedule. People really don't need to know that you have English class at 2:15 at William Pennent High School and then you're going to get your hair cut at Bubbles Salon on Main Street at 4:15 tomorrow. That is TMI .. too much information. You are making it way to easy for someone find exactly where you are!

3) Be careful of the pictures you upload. Know that once you post any pictures .. they are PUBLIC! Even if you meant for them to be privately viewed .. they can be found and forwarded by someone and posted for public viewing. Any information put on the web is forever ?.

4) Beware of creepy solicitations that you might get while online. If you feel uncomfortable with any online conversation you're having with a stranger or get sent any risque pictures .. it could be a sexual predator!! Make sure you cut off communication immediately and report it to the police or the social networking site that you're on.

Check out SOCIALSAFETY.ORG for some more practical information for teens, parents and teachers about staying safe while keeping it social.


How can your neighborhood be declared 'No Place For Hate'? The NPFH campaign is a program that enables young people to challenge anti-semitism, racism, homophobia and all forms of bigotry in their schools and communities, by developing pro-active projects that celebrate the diversity in our society.

Some the take-home tips for teens to use when fighting discrimination are:

# 1 - Challenge stereotypes ?. your own and others. Look for evidence that contradicts negative images rather than just evidence that confirms it.

#2 - Get to know people who are different from you. Seek common ground while recognizing that there is value in the diversity.

# 3 - Self edit! Watch what YOU say that could hurt others. And challenge other people who use hurtful language.

# 4 - Don't be a bystander to bullying. Stand-up to it. Get help from an adult or be a friend to those who are targeted.

# 5 - Energize others to work with you to challenge stereotyping, prejudice, bullying and hate in your schools. Organize a "no-name-calling" day or a "mix-it-up-at-lunch" day and sit with someone different than your normal crew at lunch time.

# 6 Work with school administration to find creative ways to get the message out: websites, poster campaigns, pins, wristbands, speakers, etc.

Go to and see how you can be a part of the Philadelphia/Pennsylvania team and make a difference in YOUR neighborhood today!


Black History Profile: Madame CJ Walker
February is Black History month. Madame CJ Walker, whose original name was Sarah Breedlove, was considered to be the very first self-made African American woman millionaire in this country, and she did it through entrepreneurship! She was St Louis washerwoman turned business owner when she created an enormously successful black hair-care company back in 1905. Her famous quote being: "I have built my own factory, on my own ground."

For more detailed information on how the Madame made her millions and continues to inspire present day entrepreneurs. Check out or, or when your at the library, look for the young adult non-fiction biography of her life called 'Madame CJ Walker: Entrepreneur' (Chelsea House, 1991).