Candy man abducted from local bar

February 17, 2008 5:32:15 PM PST
A beloved member of a Delaware County community was taken from a local bar. Some are calling the abduction the crime of the century in Havertown.

It happened is the wee hours of Sunday... and was caught on bar surveillance tape. The suspects can be seen surrounding the victim. Seconds later they corral him and run out the door and into an awaiting van.

"I got phone call about 1:30 in the morning from my daughter. She says your not going to believe it someone walked out with the M&M man," said bar owner Kathy Murphy.

The abduction sent shockwaves through the township.

Friends and family of the M&M man quickly launched an investigation. They collected evidence and zeroed in on the suspects.

Murphy says, "We solved it because the people who came into our restaurant made reservations and we have caller ID here and we were able to tell them we don't put up with this nonsense here."

The kidnappers returned the M&M man late Sunday afternoon. He was dropped off behind the bar. A trash bag covered his head. He suffered a busted lip, but appears to be OK.

The suspects remain on the loose, but M&M's family has decided not to pursue charges.