Vigil for victim of snowball shooting

February 25, 2008 8:42:24 PM PST
Family and friends gathered for a vigil to remember a teen murdered over a snowball. A candlelight memorial was held for a young man who was celebrating his birthday one moment, and shot dead the next. Teven Rutledge turned 15-years-old on Sunday and was goofing around with his friends, throwing snowballs. Police say they hit a pedestrian and he got into a verbal confrontation with Teven. He said he would be back with a gun.

His friend's mother says she told Teven to stay in the house. Tara tells us, "I wanted him to calm down because I didn't want him to come back outside. I turned my back and went to the kitchen, came back outside and he was sitting on the step. As I was opening the door he was shot and then fell."

Tara says she held Teven and tried to stop the bleeding with a towel.

The police haven't identified a suspect yet. They sent a SWAT team to a house around the corner, but it was empty. The man who lives there hasn't been seen since.

Teven was pronounced dead at the hospital Monday morning.

Today friends and relatives transformed the doorstep where he was shot into a memorial. His family can't believe he's gone over something as absurd as a snowball fight.

Renay Reaves, Teven's aunt says, "The violence has to stop. It's crazy. Philadelphia is now "Killadelphia" and you just took the life of one of ours."

Detectives were back in the neighborhood this evening going door to door looking for witnesses. They have a pretty good idea of who did the shooting, but are not ready to officially call him as a suspect.