Name the new sifaka!

February 26, 2008 4:27:56 PM PST
The keepers at the Philadelphia Zoo need your help!The birth of a sifaka lemur is significant because it is a first at the Philadelphia Zoo.

It is only the fourth time it has happened in the United States.

The baby lemur weighs about as much as an apple.

"He looks like a little lemur, which just amazes me. So many animals are born furless or with their eyes closed and he was born with fur and his eyes were open. Each day, he gets a little bit bigger," Kristen Farley, the lemur's handler, said.

These lemurs come from Madagascar, and are endangered due to deforestation. The breeding and pregnancy process is extremely delicate. The keepers didn't even know when Eudoxia, the mom lemur, would go into labor.

"We were really surprised. We didn't know what day it was going to happen. The keeper came in in the morning and we found it, and we were all very excited," Matt Goeben of the Philadelphia Zoo said.

The baby will continue to hold onto mom ever so closely, getting his nourishment and maybe learning a thing or two about how to act like a grown up lemur one day.

He will break free from mom and her clutches in about two months, when he will begin running around on his own.

The zoo wants the public to help name the baby.

Click Here to help the Philadelphia Zoo name its new Sifaka lemur.