Philadelphia Flower Show opens

March 2, 2008 4:32:08 PM PST
There are countless creative moments captured by horticulture lovers at the 179th annual Philadelphia Flower Show. "I love the flower show. Love it. I'm ready for spring," said Esther Brown of Willingboro, New Jersey.

Two-hundred-fifty thousand people from the region and beyond are expected to stream through the convention center to take in the show between now and March 9th.

It is 10 acres of New Orleans inspired flowers, plants, water gardens, and even the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. This year's theme is "Jazz it Up."

"You say jazz it up and you kept it up. I can see jazz it up everywhere," said Denzil David of Alexandria, Virginia.

Traditional sounds of Bourbon Street can be heard from one of two jazz stages at the flower show. It is the perfect backdrop for those seeking their own horticultural rhythm for spring '08.

"It's just so many different ideas you just never thought of doing with flowers -- hanging them vertical, horizontal; hiding, incorporating things; always something new. Some new idea to get your brain thinking for spring," said John Turley of Westgrove, Pa.

Some find the flower show sights, scents and sounds inspiring and uplifting.

"I just feel it in the air. The colors and the instruments with the water coming out of the instruments. It's very creative," said Sue Hahn of Jeffersonville.

"This is amazing. All the different colors. The colors and the vibrations actually get into your soul. And that's what changes your mental thoughts," said Susan Isele of New Jersey.

Whether it's for the flavor of New Orleans or a taste of spring, those coming to the flower show this week are all but gar-ohn-teed a Big Easy-style, spicy good time.

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