Anti-obesity program in daycare works

March 12, 2008 4:30:57 PM PDT
There's a small success story in the battle against obesity - and its taking place at a pre-school in Florida.

A daycare program in Miami helped improve eating habits, and bring down the number of overweight children.

For 6 months, inner-city children were taught about healthier foods & beverages.

Parents were also educated about making healthier choices.

At the end of 6 months, cookie consumption dropped 50 per cent, while consumption of milk, fruits & vegetables rose significantly. There was also a 20 per cent rise in water consumption, and decreased consumption of juice.

In addition, the percentage of overweight kids declined.

Ruby Natale, the lead researcher on the project, says the impact was also seen at home. Natale says, "Even though it was targeted at the childcare centers, there were some changes at home as well."

Researchers say the program could easily be put into action nationwide.