Are 100 calorie snack packs worth it?

March 21, 2008 2:29:45 PM PDT
Cookes, crackers, granola bars in 100 calorie packs are supermarket hits, but may not be a good snack idea.

Registered dietitians say snacks are important to a healthy diet, but the benefits of the miniature pack can be deceiving.

Page Love, R.D, an independent dietitian, says, "Don't fall prey to the trick that the smaller cookies are really lower fat. They are not, it's the same product just in smaller form."

Love says snacks should have some nutritional balance. "It's almost like a mini-meal, and that's really what the objective of a snack should be - to give you a combination of carbohydrate and protein that holds you through your four hours until the next meal.""

She says a combination is better at satisfying hunger. "Maybe string cheese with wheat crackers, or maybe a glass of milk, with a low-fat cookie or maybe doing a piece of luncheon meat rolled up into a wheat tortilla."

Love says when buying pre-packed snacks, look for whole grains, fruits, nuts, and lower sugar content on the label, and try to avoid the temptation to eat more than one pack at a time.