Penn's lost on "Dancing" cost Teller $5,000

March 27, 2008 6:12:21 PM PDT
Penn Jillette lost on "Dancing With the Stars," so his comedy-and-magic partner Teller lost $5,000. Teller had placed a bet on Jillette to conquer the sixth season of the popular ABC dance competition. The odds against Jillette were 30-1 so Teller stood to win $150,000.

Teller said he doesn't regret losing cash during Jillette's elimination on Tuesday's results show.

"I have paid that kind of money for ringside seats for famous events, you know, and I think paying five grand to have a prime ringside seat to the dance of the century was a good deal," he told AP Radio by phone from Las Vegas.

He said his 53-year-old buddy "danced amazingly. He was perfectly in time, his footwork was amazing. I think the judges just have a blind spot for grace in men with size 14 shoes."