Teen dies from Northeast hit and run

March 29, 2008 4:06:01 PM PDT
Police say Friday night's hit and run of a 15-year-old girl has turned fatal. Mary Otto was struck by an SUV or minivan in the 2800 block of Rhawn Street in the Northeast. She died early this morning. Police, and the victim's family, are asking for help finding the driver.

"Whoever did this to my daughter please turn your self in. Have the common courtesy. I don't think you would like it if your child was on the concrete dying," said Otto's mother Theresa Sautter.

Her brother Brad says, "If you did hit my sister and ran turn yourself in and stop being a coward. Please... I miss my sister."

Dead is 15-year-old Mary Otto, who was struck down at 11 o'clock last night as she crossed Rhawn near Lexington with 4 of her friends. Her mother believes the girls were returning from an evening at the Neshamany Mall.

Whoever hit her did not stop. Today neighbors and former schoolmates came to the scene and remembered a Valentines Day baby who grew up to be a teen who loved life.

Described as something of a social butterfly, Mary Otto liked animals. She liked to clown around with the people she loved.

The police are hoping there is someone out who can help them find the vehicle and driver who killed Mary Otto.

A hit and run can happen quickly and descriptions of the fleeing vehicle can be vague and even conflicting. In this incident witnesses have described the vehicle as black, as white, even possibly gray or another dark color. Probably it's an SUV but possibly a mini van.

Whatever the make and model, police believe the vehicle will have fresh damage to its headlight and maybe its windshield.