April Fools family celebrate their birthdays

April 1, 2008 4:49:04 PM PDT
A Limerick Township, Pennsylvania family isn't joking around today. Christine Mentzer and her husband John were born on the same day, April Fool's Day, 1971.

But the story only begins there.

The couple's second child, Michael, was born 5 years ago, on April 1st. Lightning nearly struck a fourth time with the arrival of their 3rd child, William, 3 years ago. He was born March 25th, just 7 days shy of April 1st.

So, what are the odds?

Doctor Abba Krieger, Statistics Chairman at the University of Pennsylvania Doctor Abba Krieger said the chances of marrying someone who shares the same birthday are 1 in 365. The odds of those people sharing their birthday with one of their children are 1 in 133,225.

If William had been born just 7 days later, the odds of that happening would have been 1 in more than 48,627,125.