CFA helps consumer with Comcast

April 10, 2008 4:03:32 PM PDT
When the Kaczorowskis cancelled their Comcast cable service, they say Comcast told them to expect a $58 refund in the mail.

"We never received the check," said Annette Kaczorowski.

So, after getting nowhere on her own, Annette contacted Call for Action "It was great. I told her what happened. That I'd been struggling with Comcast for months and months. And I asked, "do they know of a number I can call to get help? And that was the only thing that got me help. It was the only thing that was able to get this refund after six months of arguing literally with Comcast," said Annette.

Our Call for Action volunteer gave Annette the information she needed to get answers. And when Annette contacted Comast this time, she was called back immediately.

"And in half an hour they said we don't know why but there was a hold put on your check we apologize it's going to be sent out we received the check within two days," added Annette.

Comcast told Action News: "We apologize to the Kaczorowski family for the inconvenience they experienced; clearly we did not deliver the quality customer experience we strive to provide for all customers. We have identified the cause of the delay and are taking corrective measures to ensure it does not recur - many of these improvements have already been implemented since this situation occurred."