Candidates make final push for Pa.

April 20, 2008 8:44:46 PM PDT
Senators Obama and Clinton are fighting for every vote they can get, and their showing here Tuesday will say a lot to those super delegates. Hillary Clinton's brunch appearance at Abington's Bonnet Lane Restaurant surprised the regulars. It also brought out a lot of supporters who simply wanted to cheer on the former First Lady. From there Hillary Clinton went on to a rally in the Lehigh Valley. In Bethlehem Clinton continued to say that Obama is all hat and no cattle.

Senator Barack Obama held a town meeting in Reading Sunday, where he continued hammering Senator Clinton for her vote sanctioning President Bush to launch the war in Iraq.

Obama continues to draw adoring crowds all across Pennsylvania, even as most polls still show him behind Clinton here in the stretch. Obama continues to hold a big lead inside the Philadelphia city limits, and a small edge in the western suburbs. Out in western Pennsylvania Clinton is favored by a 2 to 1 margin.

After the combatants have spent millions here in Pennsylvania over the last 7 weeks, and relentlessly crisscrossed the state, they still won't have the convention delegates to clinch the nomination. So swaying the Democratic Party's super delegates is the major priority.

Most of the party elders say this must be wrapped up in early June, after the last primary. Both candidates will crisscross Pennsylvania again Monday.

15-percent of the registered Democrats say they remain undecided.