School goes paperless for Earth Day

April 22, 2008 3:29:43 PM PDT
It is Earth Day and one school in Delaware had a pretty unique way to mark the occasion. They decided to say no to paper. Students at the Sanford School planted trees outside today. But inside, Earth Day went one giant leap farther. The printer remained empty, with a symbolic stack of paper at its side. The copy machine was empty too, as students and teachers went paperless for the day.

It was a senior at Sanford who thought going paperless would be a perfect way to celebrate earth day. And while going completely paperless was deemed impossible, students and teachers found a way to make it work.

Senior Suchit Tuli tells us, "It's different, during morning meeting instead of having announcements written on paper, in lieu of that we had a projector set up and the announcements were on that, so I think it's different."

"It really makes you think about how much you use paper, that's for sure, but it makes you think creatively and I think it's really a great lesson and symbolic about what we can do," said teacher Kim Walsh.

Students are used to working with their hands in the science lab, but without paper these kids had to jot down their findings on an erasable board. Other students spent their day learning outdoors, all enough to win over skeptics.

Senior Kelly Reynolds said, "I was a little worried about it because we use so much paper for everything, tests, homework, everything like going to the bathroom and stuff, you have to use paper for it."

Going completely paperless may never work, but using a tree made out of recycled paper, students at Sanford pledged to think outside of the box about how to take better care of the planet.