Winning lotto ticket sold in Atlantic City

April 30, 2008 3:45:55 PM PDT
It turns out the casinos aren't the only places to win big in Atlantic City. Word came today that a liquor store sold a 13.5 million dollar winning Pick 6 lotto ticket this week.

While nobody has come forward, there are a lot of excited people in the neighborhood.

"I was excited even though I was not the winner. I was just happy that we sold the ticket," said Flor Castro of Pay Less Liquor. "We have more customers coming in now."

Of course, they're all hoping the good luck will rub off.

Everyone is wondering who the winner is. They figure it's got to be someone local, but no one knows yet. They do know what they would do if they won.

"Share. Give some to my family. Save some, spend some," said Bruce of Atlantic City.

And what's the winning formula? Does this store have it figured out?

"Our secret is to wish our customers good luck," said Castro.

The store that sells the winning ticket also gets a prize -- $2,000 in this case.