These potato chips are pretty old

April 28, 2008 4:43:01 AM PDT
How do some 30-year-old Pringles sound?

Over the weekend, students dug up a bit of history at Iowa City High School.

They unearthed a time capsule buried 30 years ago by students in an anthropology class taught by Don Eells.

Inside were school papers and hall passes, knee socks and a 7UP bottle.

They also found some Pringles potato chips.

Student Jacob Yeates was brave enough to take a bite.

He says the antique chips didn't taste too bad.

The time capsule had a cassette tape that could be a recording of the 1978 students' predictions for the year 2000.

But Eells says they'll have dry out the tape to see if it can still be played.