To-do's at your destination

April 30, 2008 8:53:54 PM PDT
Whether you're taking a weekend at the Jersey shore or a week out west, you'll need a way to get there, and a guide to painting the town red without getting in it.

You may have already determined your destination but remember when you're on vacation you're in unfamiliar territory. is a tool for finding musical performances, live art and a range of festivals in your host city. The site also gives you insight to different cultures so you know what events and activities will give you a taste of the place you're visiting.

Paradise on just pennies
You may know Timeout as a metropolitan print guide to big cities----now it's online too. is a handbook to big cities like New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney it is tailored to all kinds of travelers. There is even a spot that tells you the best places to bring your kids.

Another popular publication that has gone cyber is This is for the travelers who have a big trip in mind but unfortunately don't have the budget to match. Scott Gamble of AAA says these two sites are likely powered by the same brains that made the publications a go-to resource and better yet, these are free.

Scott Gamble says "A lot of these publications have been around for a long time and they have good reputations in the market place so what you see on their websites are more reliable and more accurate."

Crunch time
For anyone who is spontaneous or perhaps a bit of procrastinator, try This site claims to list the best travel and accommodation deals within three months of your departure date. But AAA's Gamble says with the airline industry in turmoil and the economy not far behind, travelers should be cautious about any online booking site.

Gamble offers this advice: "Number one look at reputation make sure you have a back up plan. If there's a problem being faced with that on a spur of a moment thing can be very stressful."

Gamble recommends getting travel insurance. may offer more than you think. It combines tools to get you where you're going and what to do when you're there. And of course it gives you all kinds of insurance options.