Bensalem busting butts over litter

May 2, 2008 3:52:04 PM PDT
A Bensalem Township officer stands next to a car, looking into the driver's window. "You dropped your cigarette that's littering on the highway," the officer says sternly. "Bensalem takes a very strong stance on littering." In fact, Bensalem's mayor has sent word to his public safety director Fred Harran, that he is tired of people trashing local roadways. Harran agrees.

"People find an opportunity when they are sitting in traffic or waiting for a red light," Harran said. "They think that is a good time to clean out their ash tray or throw their McDonald's bag out the window and it really makes the town look bad."

On a recent ride to work officer Tim Henehan said a driver did it right in front of him.

"Sees in his rear view mirror, we're moving," Henehan said. "He throws his cigarette out the window, bounced twice on the ground and hits the window of my motorcycle."

Today, in his patrol car, Hanehan saw two men flicking their cigarette butts onto Bensalem's streets.

Tickets are $300 to $383 and that would get anyone's attention.

"I mean obviously it is illegal to litter," said one driver who was ticketed. " I did not think a cigarette butt was littering. I do now."

"Ah , I thought it would be littering. Yes, absolutely," another driver admits. "I will never do that again."