Mrs. Fixit: Tools To Make Life Easier

May 7, 2008 6:24:53 AM PDT
Whether it's multiple trips to the toolbox to get the right screwdriver or not having enough hands to hang shelves, I have some tools that will make your projects and home repairs a lot easier.

One of my favorites, a combination laser lever and stud finder. From hanging shelves, to picture galleries, to paint techniques, this two in one keeps you on task and on the level.

Another favorite, a self-adjusting wrench. We've all been there, trying to move that little thumb screw on the adjustable wrench. These new versions self adjust at the press of a button. I love it!

A multi-tip screwdriver. There is nothing more frustrating than grabbing the wrong screwdriver and then needing to runback to the toolbox and dig for the right size. One of these all in one screwdrivers with different sizes and styles of tips is just the thing!

Next, a prybar. You wouldn't believe how much you can do with this. From gently removing moldings to removing nails, to leveraging while you're working alone, you don't want to be without this.

My final tip, keep chalk in your toolbox. I use it to keep tools from slipping, to write measurements on walls and to mark studs. When I'm finished, it can easily be brushed away without any damage to the surface. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.