Nice day at the Jersey Shore

June 10, 2008 4:04:52 PM PDT
"Today is beautiful. Yesterday was like bake in an oven, it was so hot.", those the words of Kim Pope from Plumstead, Pennsylvania. At least at the beach that oven was turned down a bit today. The inland breeze has switched to one coming off the ocean making a world of difference at Spray Beach on Long Beach Island.

Mary Sierzega from Hagerstown, Maryland felt the improvement.

"Today's actually nice. It's not that hot. It was wretched the last few days."

Jamie Condio is visiting from Anchorage, Alaska. "We love this heat. We're glad to thaw out a little bit. Ha!"

"You couldn't ask for a better day," says Barbara Curran from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. "A cool breeze, comfortable and I'm feeling sorry for the people at home right now."

Mike Krepsha of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania was under an umbrella today. After sitting in the sun for just an hour yesterday without sunscreen, he's bright red. Krepsha says he's the perfect example of what NOT to do. "You look like a lobster. Thank you, lobsters are delicious. Does it hurt? No, not at all."

While it was comfortable sitting on the beach, swimming was a different story. Even though it's plenty hot out, not that many people were in because the water is still awfully cold.

Even Condio, who's used to Alaskan cold, said "Right when you get in it's numb but after you stay in it for a little bit and you pass over the numbing then you're fine."

Kevin Boyer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania didn't seem to mind. "Very worth it. On a hot day like this? You can't beat it. Even if it's that cold? Yup."

Christine Bishop from Ephrata, Pennsylvania says it doesn't feel like a heatwave to her. "No not at all. Not unless you go inland. So you're living large? Yeah-until I have to go back to work tonight!"