Finding cheap gas on the go

May 12, 2008 4:04:07 PM PDT
Gas prices in our area have hit an all-time record high...again.With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, the pain at the pump we've all been feeling hurts even more.

The price of gas in the Philadelphia five-county area jumped five cents over the weekend

In South Jersey, prices went up six cents!

The price of gas has hit an all-time high across the country.

In the Philadelphia five-county area, the current average price per gallon for regular unleaded is $3.74. That's a 10-cent jump since last Monday.

In South Jersey, it's $3.58. In Delaware, it's $3.72.

To find cheap gas on the go, download on your cell phone, then enter your zip code or address.

GetMobio will bring up the gas stations near you with the lowest prices and even give you driving directions to get there!

And here's another tip to save money on gas - pay with cash instead of credit.

Some stations will knock off as much as five cents per gallon.

And we warned you about this rate hike last week - but a reminder - postal rates are up as of today.

It now costs 42 cents to mail a first-class letter.

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