Search for rapist, killer continues

May 13, 2008 3:45:40 PM PDT
The search for a killer, rapist, and perpetrator of a despicable crime continues.Police say a surveillance tape shows the face of a heinous criminal, a man who went on a rampage from Philadelphia into Bucks County then into New Jersey.

Police say 32-year-old Mexican immigrant Edgar Rosas-Gutierrez and his girlfriend were kidnapped around 3:30 Sunday morning, as they left Jalapeno Joes on Castor Avenue.

A gunman jumped in Gutierrez's car and told him to start driving. Police say he pulled Gutierrez's lady friend into the backseat, as they traveled out of the city into Bucks County.

Police say the gunman was raping the female victim throughout the ride.

A the exit ramp linking northbound Route 1 and eastbound Street Road, the gunman ordered Gutierrez, a construction worker who came here from Mexico 13 years ago, to stop the car.

"He then ordered the driver, the victim, out of the car, at which time, it appears he executed him, one shot to the back of the head," Frederick Harran of Bucks County Public Safety said.

From there police say the suspect raped his female victim again before driving to a Lawrenceville, New Jersey hotel and checking in. This is where the surveillance video gets clear views of the suspect.

According to police, he then took the 37-year-old woman to a rented room and repeatedly raped her for several more hours, before she fled and was able to call the police.

Edgar Gutierrez's family members are asking anyone who recognizes this man to call police and help capture him.

Police say he may still be driving Gutierrez's car: a 1998 Buick Regal with Pennyslvania license tag EYK 9463 with molding missing from the passenger read side door.

"Everything at this point is leading us to believe that this was a random attack," Harran said.

Call Benslam Police at 215-633-3719 with any information.