Hearings in Liczbinski murder

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May 14, 2008 10:36:25 AM PDT
One of the suspects linked to Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski's murder was due in court Wednesday morning.

Mitchell Cain waived his right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday morning. Cain is charged with carjacking. Police believe he stole the SUV that was used as a getaway car in the robbery that eventually lead up to the shooting death of Philadelphia Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski.

Mitchell Cain is the uncle of Howard Cain, the suspect who was killed during a shootout with Philadelphia Police. It is believed Howard Cain fired the shot that killed Liczbinski.

Juanita Stephens is the girlfriend of Eric Floyd, one of the men charged with Sgt. Liczbinski's murder. Stephens is accused of helping hide Floyd after the shooting. She is still seeking a lawyer.

Issac Albright is accused of taking Floyd and Stephen to the abandoned home in Southwest Philadelphia where they hid for several days before being captured on May 7th, five days after Liczbinski was shot and killed. Albright is also seeking a lawyer. Both Albright and Stephens are expected back in court next Tueseday.

Floyd offered no resistance when a team of heavily armed swat officers stormed the abandoned boarded up row home in the 5400 block of Windsor. It is believed they had been hiding out there without electricity or running water for the better part of the 5 days since Liczbinski's murder.

As part of a Philadelphia tradition, one of the slain officer's colleagues from the 24th district arrived to restrain Floyd using Liczbinski's handcuffs. The arrest was made possible by former FBI agent Jessie Coleman, now retired and living in Maryland who late last night got a call from a long time informant.