Wireless Philadelphia moving forward

May 14, 2008 7:29:07 PM PDT
Wireless Philadelphia has pledged to move forward, after partner Earthlink pulled the plug on wi-fi. "We are alive and kicking", said Wireless Philadelphia C.E.O. Greg Goldman.

Atlanta-based EarthLink bagged its Wi-Fi plans in Philadelphia on Tuesday. The Internet service provider said it could not find a buyer for the network it spent $17 million to build, and talks to donate the network to the city or a nonprofit organization failed, even after it sweetend the offer with $1 million in cash.

Four years ago, Philadelphia officials announced they would try to create one big citywide Wi-Fi hot spot to make high-speed Internet access the norm in poor neighborhoods.

The non-profit organization, Wireless Philadelphia, announced on Wednesday that it's continuing to work with more than 40 community organizations to lessen the digital divide.

One program they work with is called Youth Build.

It trains young people to refurbish old computers.

Those computers are then given to low-income families, along with free internet access and computer training.

Twelve hundred families are currently part of the program.

But, that's just the start.

"All options have not been exhausted regarding the network and our innovative digital inclusion mission must continue," said Goldman.

You can read the full statement from Wireless Philadelphia by clicking here.