Record high for Philly gas prices

May 16, 2008 4:23:04 AM PDT
The summer travel season could shape up to be a bust. Memorial Day is right around the corner, and the pain at the pump is forcing families to change their vacation plans.

According to AAA, gas prices are at a record high average price of $3.78 in the Philadelphia area, and that is having an impact on people's travel plans for next weekend.

If you have a 15-gallon tank a fill-up in our area is now costing about 11-dollars more than it did one year ago. The AAA study shows that's enough to change people's plans.

37.9 million Americans are planning to go away over Memorial Day Weekend. That may sound like a lot, but it's 360,000 people fewer than the number who went away last year. It's the first time the number of vacationers dropped since 2002, which was the first Memorial Day after September 11th.

Gas isn't the only travel expense that's gone up. Airfares increased an average of 8-percent from last year... rental cars jumped 45-percent.

Another number that's increasing... public transit riders. SEPTA is seeing 15,000 more daily riders than one year ago.