Special graduation day for Roxborough family

May 18, 2008 8:46:47 PM PDT
Sunday was a very special graduation day for a Roxborough family. Moments after Robert Quinn accepted his bachelor of science degree from Cabrini College, he was being reminded to move on.

Quinn rushed to join his sister and parents so they could dash over to the Mann Music Center for his mom's graduation from Philadelphia University. Yes, the mother and son from Roxborough graduated from college on the same day.

Carol Quinn says, "There were times I wanted to say I don't want to do it. But it's worth it. This moment I'm gong to treasure it for the rest of my life. It's just wonderful. I'm just so happy."

While equally proud of each other, the experience has left the 22-year-old son with a new appreciation and respect for his 54-year-old mom.

"I had a hard time at school as it was I couldn't imagine filling her shoes and taking care of a family and college and full time job," said Robert.

He earned a degree in business, and she in psychology. They targeted this parallel achievement for a while.

In this sea of Philadelphia University grads were 12 who came through a program with the city's Hospital and Health Care Workers Union designed for returning students. These associate degree grads ranged from 34 to 58-years-old.

"I'm an elder student and it gives me great inspiration so I can inspire younger people to go on to do better things," said 53-year-old Omar Shabazz.

No matter the path each graduate took to get to here, they share the same journey now. A Journey to build tomorrows they all can be proud of.