Longstreth School's 67th Reunion

May 22, 2008 3:55:18 PM PDT
Students from Longstreth Elementary school got together today in Center City to reminisce about the old days. But this reunion is extra special. This was Longstreth's 67th class reunion! Some had casually kept in touch, but many had not seen each other in more than half a lifetime!

It was quite an afternoon mingling with Longstreth's class of 1941: All 17 of these long-time classmates and friends are 78 years old.....

They were all 11 when they graduated from Longstreth: Everyone here who graduated together from Longstreth attended Shaw Jr. High until 1944....only then did they split up, some going on to West Philadelphia High and others to Bartram.

Harris Freeman, Irene Lusky, and Elaine Rosomoff organized this 67th elementary school reunion, and were able to get in touch with old classmates using Google.

Elaine has kept in touch with some of her elementary school classmates, but she and the other graduates were surprised how well they remembered those they haven't seen for more than a half-century.

But there's one girl Bert Saltzberg remembers very well, because he had a crush on her.

Morton Amon is a character today just like he was years ago, as Lindy Weissman remembers all too well: "He used to chase me around the schoolyard back in the third grade," she says.

Class mates years ago...best friends forever.