Bear spotted in Bucks County community

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May 26, 2008 12:43:10 PM PDT
Some residents of Perkasie, Bucks County say they spotted a black bear on the loose on Grandview Drive, Penny Lane and Shadywood Drive this afternoon. The bear was spotted this afternoon. It hasn't hurt anyone, but it's certainly the talk of the town. It was one o'clock in the afternoon when the black bear came wandering through the Highland Terrace neighborhood in Perkasie.

Some say it appears the bear is cub, weighing about 150 lbs. Others estimate it's weight at 300 pounds. What is clear is that it's covering some ground. About 2 miles away the bear slowly made its way through some backyards.

Perkasie Mayor Bob Hunsicker has lived his whole life here. He says he's never seen a bear, only some deer and other wildlife, but never a bear.

Perkasie Police tell Action News that the Pennsylvania Game Commission won't come out unless the bear harms someone or damages property. So far, no report of either of those.