Bear sightings in Bucks County

May 26, 2008 5:40:40 PM PDT
A bear is making the rounds in Bucks County. Today it was seen wandering around Sellersville in a yard on Cathill Road.

One woman took some pictures of it rummaging around in her back yard, looking for lunch. It's the second sighting in the last two days. Yesterday about a 1/2 mile from the Sellersville sighting, a bear was spotted in Perkasie, Bucks County.

Lois Craven says she and her husband watched from their enclosed porch this morning as a black bear ate seeds from her backyard bird feeder.

Lois says, "I was at the kitchen window, looked out and there he lay nibbling at the bird feeder and seeds that dropped on the ground and he was having a feast."

As the bear ate, Lois asked her daughter to call 9-1-1 while she snapped digital photographs of the bear eating the seeds she left out for birds.

When the bear couldn't rip down the wire holding the feeders, it climbed down and stood on its hind legs to reach the birdseeds, but at about 4 feet tall, it couldn't reach. The bear then drank from the bird bath and sauntered into the woods.

The Craven's son and grandson, who live in a wooded area a couple hundred yards away, then saw the bear sitting on some tree stumps near their house... eating. It sat and ate until they apparently spooked the bear, and it retreated further into the woods.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission may try to trap it. Experts believe it's a cub from New Jersey whose mother kicked it out of the den, as is tradition. They say the bear is looking for someplace to settle.

The Cravens say a 6-foot bear wandered onto their property a few years ago. They've also seen deer, wild turkey, and a fox on their land.

Officials say bears are just as skittish about us as we are about them. If you find yourself near a bear, wave arms over head and shout. They'll likely run because with their poor vision, you'll appear large and scary to them.

Experts say bears attack if they feel they or their young are threatened. They love black oil sunflower seeds often used in bird feeders.