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May 31, 2008 Tun Here is her biography...

"Just another typical noisy day on the bustling streets of Manhattan. Peering from a high rise overlooking the city is a youthful but wise young woman with a disarming smile. "It's funny that I actually feel at home here", says the 21-year-old, Philadelphian native, singer-songwriter Jennifer Logue. When I first came to New York, I was in a state of shock. I just wasn't ready for a city this big. But this city has helped transform me into an achiever as well as a believer. Thoughts into words, and words into action…" At the tender age of eight, Jennifer took interest in playing her first instrument, the flute. Shortly thereafter, with encouragement from her mother and father Jennifer began vocal training. As a young lady, she has always been recognized as the "Little Girl With the Big Voice". Tackling lead roles in the plays, "Annie" and "The Sound Of Music", young Jennifer began to realize her talents and began her run at taking advantage of them. During her freshman year in High School, Ms. Logue began honing her skills as a songwriter and started studying piano and guitar. Ready to take her music to the next step, she took on various jobs and began to fund her demo. By her sophomore year, Jennifer's singing-songwriting capability had truly taken off due to the success of her first EP. She was invited to perform at the Italian Heritage Day at Penn's Landing in May 2001, a big feat for Logue, who was barely 15. At the end of August 2001, she was named one of Delaware County's Most Beautiful People. Says Jennifer, " When they told me I was featured, I was floored. That's when I really started believing in myself as a performer." But that didn't curtail her from trying to complete the ultimate goal, which of course was her high school diploma. Ms. Logue continued to perform at various venues and establishments, but only for charitable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society and the Simon Youth Foundation. After completing her secondary education, she made the move to NYC to attend Fordham University, where she graduated in May with a double- major in English and Spanish Literature. Since making Manhattan her main stay, this 21 year old artist has performed at the prestigious Lion's Den, NY, NY, The Legendary Bitter End, NY, NY, Lancaster's Clipper Magazine Stadium, singing the National Anthem, was a member of the Atlantic Records Family as an A&R Assistant, recorded 2 music videos performed across seas at various showcases, was invited for a radio interview with Power 99fm, Clear Channel Broadcasting affiliate in Philadelphia, PA., and is currently in the studio working on her first full length album, set to be released in May 2008. (working with the internationally reknowned Darko Saric of Inflight Radio) Says Jamie Carter, V.P. Ruff Ryders Music Lifestyles Division, " Although Ms. Jennifer Logue maybe small in stature, she has the heart of Lioness! I can without doubt, see her becoming a successful artist-musician. In this day and age, several artists lack such creativity, originality and energy." Ken Gorka of the Bitter End states, " I've seen a lot of great musicians come through here and play, I believe she has the potential to be another if she continues to stay focused." Michael Maietta of The Lion's Den, "She brought the house down when she performed here, I hope she returns for future showcases, we'd love to have her back!" Says Venetia Stephenson of Hot 92, Harrisburg, PA. Cumulus Media, "I think she's more than ready, she deserves a shot!" Terrence Dean of TD Entertainment/Full Surface Records ( Father of Super Producer Swizz Beats ) " If she continues to push, the doors will continue to open, yup she's on point." Alvin Garrett Lead member of Ruben Studdard's band Just A Few Cats,"Jennifer is Fire!" All in all, the best has yet to come for the artist from suburban Philadelphia. "I've got my two feet planted firmly on the ground", states Jennifer with her trademark bright smile. I can honestly say, I've put my heart and soul into my music and it has made the person I am today. Now I'm just taking life as it comes to me and being able to express it all through music has made it that much more fantastic."

Please enjoy the performance video from her show at The General Lafayette Inn

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