Gas crisis has some drivers running on empty

June 2, 2008 4:16:26 PM PDT
Some motorists just keep going when they see empty which is why calls for roadside assistance are up for Triple A. Cathy Rossi of Triple A said, "Throughout the Mid Atlantic area our calls are up about 15%, but in the Philadelphia 5 county area, the number of calls for motorists out of gas has doubled in the past month."

Kevin Bruner is a tow truck driver who's seen more and more stranded motorists waiting for help. He said, "I carry a gas can in my box. I try to help out whoever I can but for the most part they're like, I'm trying to get there, everybody's trying to get there and get their dollars worth."

Triple A's Rossi added, "Fewer motorists are filling up. They're saying I have 30 dollars, I'm going to get what I can get for 30 dollars and see how far it takes me and sometimes it's not taking them far enough."

That's absolutely true said Donna Hope of Wilmington. "Wait until you absolutely, positively have to." Maresa Redding agreed. "I'm close now. I'm on "E" now. I try to get it before the light comes on because I'm paranoid, but that's why I don't travel a lot," she said.

Triple A says cut back on driving if you must, because waiting until you run out of gas can cost you more in the end. Dirt and sediment in the bottom of your tank can cause engine trouble.

"Not only is it damaging to your car to run on "E", it also can be dangerous. Who knows when or where you're going to run out of gas, said Rossi.

Triple A says it's still a good idea to drive around looking for the lowest price you can get, but don't wait until you're driving on fumes.