Morgue mixup in Trenton

June 5, 2008 4:02:15 PM PDT
It turns out that a body has been left in the Mercer County morgue for 7 years.It's a nondescript white structure at the Mercer County airport that houses the county morgue. This is where since 1999 the body of a Trenton woman has remained officially unidentified despite the fact police determined her identity years ago.

Preliminary tests and police investigation determined the body found at a fire scene 7 years ago was 37-year-old Tina Hearry, who'd overdosed on drugs and alcohol.

Police notified her family in 2001 and when family members said they couldn't afford a funeral, they were told by detectives, the county could bury Tina for free.

However, Trenton police never notified the Medical Examiners office, which must by law hold on to a body until it's identified; Tina Hearry's body has remained at the morgue for 7 years.

It's a familiar story to April Ramsey, who's family was not notified for over a year that her 21-year-old sister Amber was lying n the morgue, despite the fact Trenton police found several forms of ID on her body.