Trying to beat the heat at the Shore

June 9, 2008 5:46:57 PM PDT
Many thought they'd find relief at the shore, but the only way to cool off was to hit the water. In Avalon, the wind was coming out of the west for much of the day. It brought with it those pesky, biting flies that annoy beachgoers. One father and daughter team finally gave up, and left. "I'm cooling off a little bit, but there's a land breeze that's bringing out those little flies," said Brandi Yellin from Bloomfield, New Jersey.

The best way to beat the heat on the beach was to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. The water is cold, but those who went in said once you got use to it, it was very refreshing.

Danielle Kline from Reading, Pennsylvania braved the waters, to cool off. "10 o'clock this morning, it was like ice cubes, but now it's refreshing."

In Atlantic City, some people weren't worries about going to the beach, because they were dealing with an apartment building with no air conditioning. The 40 year old unit at the Waterside Apartments broke down this weekend. About 60 percent of the residents are elderly. One man says his apartment hit 90 degrees inside yesterday and today.

"My wife has C.O.P.D., and she can't breathe. We had to go out yesterday, and we had to go out today. My wife can't breathe in our apartment," said George Mahood.

Luckily, help arrived this afternoon in the form of a repairman, from Shore Line Service Company.