Digital coupon converter confusion

June 11, 2008 3:58:35 PM PDT
We've told you before you can apply for government-issued coupons to help pay for digital TV converter boxes. Some of you will need the boxes to continue to watch TV when analog signals are switched to digital next February. But now we're learning some consumers are having trouble using their coupons.

The coupons to help pay for DTV converter boxes expire if they're not redeemed within 90 days and according to the government office in charge of the program, only 42-percent of the coupons are being used in time. Several lawmakers have also told a House panel that the boxes are sold out in some stores.

Each household is eligible for two coupons worth $40 each. Cable and satellite TV subscribers do not need converter boxes.

The Energy Department said gas prices are expected to stay at around $4.00 a gallon through next year and to peak at a monthly national average of $4.15 a gallon in August.

And American Airlines will now charge customers a fuel surcharge for most domestic flights, $10 on one-way trips, and $20 on roundtrips. Wednesday's announcement comes just after American failed in another attempt to raise fares.

More than eight-thousand New Jersey car owners are about to be $750 richer! A jury ruled against Kia Motors America and awarded consumers a verdict in excess of $6 million. Action News first told you about a similar class-action filed on behalf of Pennsylvania consumers back in 2002. Shamell Samuel-Bassett was the lead plaintiff in that case.

The class-action lawsuit alleged some Kia Sephias were sold with a defective brake system. The class applies to model years 1997 through 2000.

Consumers who are part of the class will be mailed checks directly. But if your address has changed or if you'd like to confirm you're part of the class, you can call the Philadelphia law firm that handled the case. Click here for contact information.