Urban gardens provide outdoor classrooms

June 13, 2008 3:46:29 PM PDT
Farms are scarce in the city. Even more so at public high schools.

Martin Luther King High in Germantown now has one.

And Brian Ferguson, a junior, is working on it.

"I was the first to get involved. I worked with horses. I decided to do this," he said.

Political and community leaders got together to build the Seeds of Learning Farm.

Students can work here during or after school, and tend to the eggplants, beets, peppers, squash, and radishes.

It is a hands-on experience.

David Siller is from the Weavers Way Community Program. "You go to the refrigerator and say there's my food. They're learning to seed, watch it grow, weed it."

The students fall into two different groups: the farmers who grow the stuff, and the people who have to sell the stuff. Charles Ireland is the principal at MlK.

"They want to make money. They ask how can they make money. Here's a way, and it gives them a reason to stay in school." The students quickly learn that farming isn't all about picking tomatoes from the vine.

Brian Ferguson isn't fond of digging the beds. As hard as it is, Brian plans to make this industry, his career.

In Germantown, Matt O'Donnell, Channel 6 Action News.