Wanna hit the hydrogen highway?

June 16, 2008 2:51:56 PM PDT
A proposed merger between the nation's two satellite radio broadcasters has cleared a major hurdle.

The chairman of the F-C-C is recommending that the merger between two satellite radio giants get the go ahead.

But in exchange, XM and SIRIUS would have to make a number of concessions, many of them beneficial for consumers.

The chairman of the F-C-C says if the deal between X-M and Sirius goes through, it should include a three year freeze on prices for consumers, packages that include programs for both services, and a so-called "a la carte" offering that would be available within three months of the close of the deal.

Also, 24 channels would have to be turned over to noncommercial and minority programming.

The F-C-C boss's approval sets the stage for a final vote that could occur anytime after the recommendation is circulated among his fellow commissioners.

Wanna hit the hydrogen highway? Drivers will soon have the chance to buy the newest car that runs on hydrogen and electricity.

Honda has begun production of its new F-C-X Clarity fuel cell car in Japan. It runs on hydrogen and electricity and emits only water instead of the noxious fumes believed to cause global warming. The company claims it's twice as energy-efficient as a gas-electric hybrid and three times that of a standard gasoline-powered car. The vehicle uses a lithium-ion battery and can run 385 miles on a single fuelling. Honda will produce about 200 F-C-X Clarities over the next three years. BUT - right now - it's only offering leases to consumers in Southern California. The three-year leases will run 600-dollars a month, including collision insurance and maintenance.

General Motors also has a test fleet of about 100 fuel cell-powered S-U-Vs in the hands of consumers in California, New York, and Washington D-C.