Dog euthanized after another attack

June 18, 2008 4:18:27 PM PDT
There will be no stay of euthanasia this time. Congo the German shepherd has been put to sleep, that after attacking his owner's mother.

The attack happened at the estate of Guy and Elizabeth James in Princeton Township, forcing the owners who fought so hard to keep Congo alive to euthanize him and three other dogs this morning.

There were happier times last November when the James family welcomed Congo back into their home after the dog got a reprieve from a court-ordered death sentence for the savage mauling of a landscaper.

The family spearheaded protests to spare their beloved family pet.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening when 75-year old Constance Ladd, grandmother to the four James children, was bitten by Congo and three other German shepherds. "They knocked her to the ground and she received bite marks and lacerations to the top of her head, forearms and her chest," said Princeton Township police Sgt. Ernie Silagyi.

The elderly woman was rushed to University Medical Center at Princeton for treatment.

And after the attack officials say Congo's owners did what they refused to do last year.

"All four dogs had to be put to sleep. Actually that was the decision of the James family themselves," said health officer David Henry.

Today in Princeton we sampled reaction to the latest attack and Congo's euthanization.

"I wouldn't want to say Congo had it coming. All dogs have animal instincts. I guess that was the right decision if he's done it once before," said Greg Hyde of Yardley, Pa.

At this point local officials are considering the case closed.