Operation Saturation gets results

June 27, 2008 10:00:30 AM PDT
Philadelphia police are still sorting through evidence and interviewing suspects today after a daylong series of drug raids in South Philadelphia. Targeting what they call the most violent and crime-ridden areas in that neighborhood, police arrested 84 people and confiscated a half-million-dollars worth of drugs and 19 guns.

As if the sheer numbers aren't shocking enough, in one of the places where undercover police made drug buys, the alleged dealers were running a side business.

"We found out that there was an illegal daycare center. There were a number of little toddlers, 3, 4, 5-year olds. One of the toddlers had a packet of marijuana in the brim of the diaper," Inspector Bob Snyder of the Philadelphia Police said.

Inside a house, near an elementary school, was another shocking discovery.

"Inside that location was a 13-year-old girl packaging heroin and her mother was also present," Captain Debbie Frazier of the Philadelphia Police said.

Police will be testing the weapons they confiscated to see if any can be linked to crimes that are under investigation, including the murder earlier this month of aspiring teacher Beau Zabel.

Police say the purpose of the raids was three-fold: to get the drugs and weapons off the street, to let neighbors know police are on their side, and to let dealers know police are cracking down