Out of control car kills pedestrian

July 3, 2008 1:16:53 PM PDT
A deadly crash occurred shortly before 8:00, at an intersection neighbors call particularly dangerous. The victim was walking down a busy sidewalk when 3000 pounds of metal went flying into her.

Eyewitnesses tell investigators the driver blew a stop sign at 5th and Indiana, hit a car a block away and went airborne.

The dazed driver and female passenger were able to get out of the smashed car.

The victim died instantly.

The driver suffered significant head injuries. He and his female passenger were rushed to Temple Hospital.

Those who live here, say the intersection is extremely dangerous.

There used to be a traffic light, but now there are only stop signs. One is bent and one doesn't even face the road, but all that may not matter.

Police suspect the driver was drunk.

Police tell Action News the female passenger only suffered minor injuries.

The driver is stable.

Toxicology tests are pending.