Holiday travel with soaring gas prices

July 3, 2008 9:43:16 PM PDT
Blame the high cost of fuel for a decrease in people hitting the highways and skyways.Despite heavy bridge traffic, drivers have told pollsters the economy is taking its toll this Independence holiday, with almost a third saying they are opting to stay near home.

Action News spoke to some travelers who are shore bound and they say they will spend less this year.

As for out-of-towners coming here, Californian Corie Gerney and her family began planning their cross-country road trip 3 years ago, $4 gasoline was not going to stall it.

Others see traveling to Philadelphia as the low cost option. Instead of a Paris B and B paid for in expensive euros, they are choosing a getaway near the Italian market.

Meanwhile back on the highways, police say they have not seen any evidence of drivers slowing down to save gas, so lead footed drivers beware of operation yellow jacket, that PennDOT truck on the side of the road, could have radar and a trooper ready to radio your speed down the road.