76er stat man's t-shirt quest

July 4, 2008 12:06:54 PM PDT
86-year-old Harvey Pollack has lived his life by the numbers.The 76ers Director of Statistics has 4 championship rings, 12 Hall of Fame Inductions, and even wrote that famous #100 in a career spanning 62 seasons.

"I'm the only one left in the NBA who started in 1946. Everyone else is either dead, retired, or doing something else. I'm what you call the Last of the Mohicans!" Pollack said.

Now the man nicknamed Super Stat, is about to become one.

It's a quest that began on June 23, 2003. Originally he wanted to see if he could wear a different t-shirt every day for 3 months, but 5 years later, he's at 1,842 straight.

Every shirt's been a gift; they come from schools, teams, friends, family, and the likes of Wilt Chamberlin, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Shaquille O'Neal He has a computer spreadsheet to make sure he doesn't repeat.

He will attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with a much different moniker.

"I'm also America's number one flasher in the winter, I wear a sweater over them. Everyone asks what are you wearing, and I say, see?" Pollack said.

Harvey's first 1,000 shirts were auctioned off for Sixers charities. These are the next 842 that he's already worn and he says he'll keep wearing them, as long as he keeps getting them.

"My current goal is to reach 2,000, which I should do before Christmas," Pollack said, "All I know, it's been five years of fun, and at my age, its fun, to have fun!"


Send a T-Shirt for Harvey to wear.

Send your shirt, size X-Large, to:


Wachovia Center c/o Harvey Pollack
3601 S Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Include your name, address, and phone number.

Harvey and Action News thank you for the shirt!

Make sure you are willing to part with it, you will probably not get it back.