PECO impersonator robs mother, son

July 8, 2008 3:54:48 PM PDT
A visit from a man who claimed to be with the power company turned out to be something very different. He wore a PECO shirt when he walked inside a West Philadelphia home last night. But he didn't have any tools - he had a gun. Tonight police say that man is one of two robbers who victimized a mother and her son.

"It's a scary situation, 'cause it keep flashing every second in front of my eyes," said the victim.

The victim, Jackie, says her 14-year-old son Jevaun opened the door yesterday evening for a man wearing a PECO shirt who rang the bell of their Guyer Street home in Southwest Philadelphia and announced he wanted to repair their lights.

Jevaun says, "So I opened the door and he comes in and he pulled his gun out or whatever."

His mom came from the kitchen and also saw the gun.

"He pointed at us and then he called his other friend inside. So they were both of them and both had guns. And they said they come here for money," explained Jackie.

The robbers warned her not to trigger her alarm system, ordered them at gunpoint to the basement and ransacked the house while demanding money.

Jackie tells us, "Jevaun was saying, 'Please don't kill my mom, please don't kill my mom.'"

The frightened teen showed the gunmen a safe holding $400 he'd earned over the years by doing chores like washing cars. The gunmen took the money, bound the mother and son with plastic ties in the basement bathroom, ordered them not to call police and left.

Police say it was the second home invasion on the same block in two days. Residents of another house were approached by two gunmen while behind their house at around 1am Sunday.

Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department says, "They confront these two males, force them into the house. And as they announce the robbery, they feel the victims are not complying so they fire a shot into the wall."

Those home invasions happened near 66th and Geyer Streets. Luckily, no one was physically harmed in either instance.

No matter where you are, police urge that you be very careful about who you let into your home. PECO workers wear uniforms and they carry PECO-issued ID badges. If you're in doubt you can always call the utility company.