Phila. gun laws to be enforced

July 9, 2008 3:42:23 PM PDT
Philadelphia officials are going to start enforcing a much-disputed gun law. That announcement comes after the city saw nine shootings, one of them fatal, in 24 hours Ebony Crawford says she and her family were watching TV around 12:45 this morning when gunfire erupted across Glendale Street in an alleyway. Police believe three men were shot in an argument over a dice game.

They all survived, but Juniata neighborhood residents like Bobbie Floyd say this kind of mindless violence could destroy what has been a fairly quiet neighborhood/

"I think it's getting ridiculous; it's getting really scare out here and it needs to change. The violence needs to stop," Floyd said.

In just over 24 hours there have been 11 gunshot victims in Philadelphia, with one death, 25-year-old Anthony Mahoney. He was shot to death on the porch of his Chadwick Avenue home this morning.

The latest shooting was this afternoon at 25th and Thompson in Brewerytown. An 18-year-old sustained multiple wounds.

Still the city is seeing progress as homicides and shootings down 20% so far in 2008.

"If you lose your piece, call the police," Mayor Michael Nutter (D) of Philadelphia said.

Against this latest rash of gun violence, Mayor Nutter says the city is ready to begin enforcing one of its new laws.

Beginning at midnight tonight, gun owners have 30 days to report any lost or stolen firearms before the city begins aggressively cracking down on those failing to report lost or stolen guns within 24 hours.

"This moratorium will end Friday, August 8, after which point, if you fail to report your gun lost or stolen within a 24 hour period of time, you will receive the first offense, a fine of $1900," Mayor Nutter said.

The Mayor says the second offense will result in another $1900 fine and up to 90 days in jail, all part of City Hall's effort to get illegal guns off the street.