What are some flood safety tips?

July 15, 2008 6:30:54 AM PDT
article| David Murphy| NEVER drive through flooded roads. Only two feet of water can float most cars, making it impossible to steer out of rising water. Cars easily overturn in flood waters and escape can be difficult. NEVER walk in flooded areas. Only a few inches of fast-moving water can knock the average person off their feet. What's more, hidden currents can make swimming difficult. In calm water, hidden storm drains may be looming, unseen. It's possible to be sucked under the water. Additionally, flood water is typically unhealthy, as chemicals from flooded cars and homes make for a toxic mix that can make you sick. If you are trapped in your home by floodwater, it's usually best to wait to be rescued. If you live in a flood prone area, always be sure to keep fresh batteries, flashlights, a portable radio and cell phones handy. Watch Action News and check out 6abc.com for the latest on Flood Watches and Warnings in your area.