Deadly shooting at Feltonville business

July 15, 2008 9:24:06 PM PDT
Members of the large African immigrant community in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia are deeply torn by the brazen, cold blooded robbery that took the life of a respected shopkeeper and left his wife fighting for her life. Devastated relatives and friends watched as police officers carried out the body of store owner Amissi Ndikumasabo.

Police say it was about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon when two men, possibly three, stormed the Urban Wear clothing shop, firing a barrage of bullets.

Ndikumasabo (Diku-masa-boh) was killed, his wife sent to Temple hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. Relatives say the couple who emigrated here from the African nation of Burundi, opened the store 3 years ago and worked everyday to make a living.

A surveillance camera at a nearby store captured two of the culprits on tape, but police have asked that we not show the pictures for the time being. Police also recovered a gun, clothing and a hat worn by one of the gunmen in a nearby dumpster.

At the Masjid Tawbah Mosque where Ndikumasabo (Diku-masa-boh) was a member, worshipers say they last saw the store owner about 4:30 this morning when he went in for the traditional muslim prayer. They were praying for him Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the brazen afternoon robbery left other merchants in the large African immigrant community shaken.

The shopkeeper's wife, Bintou Soumare (Bin-toh Soo-mar-ee) was undergoing surgery Tuesday night and remains in critical condition. The couple has two adult children who live in Africa. Police are still working to enhance surveillance video in hopes of identifying the suspects.