South Jersey township gets first liquor store in 100 years

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Friday, May 3, 2024
First liquor store opens in Moorestown, New Jersey in over 100 years
First liquor store opens in Moorestown, New Jersey in over 100 years

MOORESTOWN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A Burlington County town hasn't had a liquor store in over a century until Friday.

'Super Buy Rite' in Moorestown is officially open for business to the delight of many residents.

Moorestown has been a dry town for almost a century after the prohibition ended and never opted back in. Voters overturned the policy in 2011.

In 2021, Moorestown officials approved retail liquor sales.

Officials say this has been a long time coming that Moorestown now has a liquor store.

After a lengthy licensing, planning and approval process, the 'Super Buy Rite' opened its doors.

The 'Super Buy Rite' is located inside the Moorestown Mall in place of an old Auto Center.

"We're pretty excited to see it here. Lots of people take their money to nearby towns and we'd rather keep that money here in Moorestown and have a thriving business here in Moorestown," said Mayor Nicole Gillespie.

Officials also hope this will bring more people to the area of the Moorestown Mall.

Officials said the ordinance limits liquor sales to commercial areas only, not in residential areas.

"There's not too many dry towns left in New Jersey so yes I was surprised to hear that," laughed A.J. Bathena of Buy Rite Wine and Liquor.